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    Beyonce Taught Me to..

    Love who I am. Be who I want to be. Not fit into some cookie cutter mold.

    Aside from that, I learned that you feel better when you act like a celebrity, without the ego. Pretend someone is always going to snap a photo, that way you look your best and exude confidence. As a celebrity, everyone watches every move that is made, so watch your back and be careful with words. Celebrities are people too. They give back to the community. Work with a passion and strive to help others. Carry yourself with pride, but remember who you are. Walk and talk like a celebrity, but act and work with humility just as you would if you were on the bottom. Give everything 200% and flash everyone a smile, give hugs when needed. People will notice. 

    Don’t take any of this super seriously at all. I am just stating an opintion of a much more extreme version of the philosophy my friends and I go by. Walk, talk, and dress to impress, but never forget your roots. 

    — 3 years ago
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